I recently wrote a whitepaper on third-party cookie deprecation (3PCD), and how it affects digital marketing.

I started writing this paper, in part, as a response to a lot of fear-based selling I was seeing in the market. Many ad agencies and data professionals sought to use the third-party cookie deprecation. Given the confusion around this topic that I was seeing at work all the time, it seemed like a good idea to have a coherent explanation of this privacy-focused change in web browsers (Chrome in particular this year) that I could share where appropriate.

From there, it evolved to include overviews of some of the areas that adtech is changing to handle 3PCD.

The whitepaper is called “The Advertising Impact of 3PCD: How third-party cookie deprecation changes the game (and what you can do to win the new one)”, and you can get it on Napkyn’s website. It’s been well-received so far, which I’m happy about. Whatever you think of the changes for privacy, whether they’re enough, and what their impact will be, I am happy to encourage a little clarity on what’s really happening.

I’m Head of Product at Napkyn, a provider of digital analytics and media solutions. I’m also a father and a photographer, and I have a background in philosophy. This is my site.