About Colin

My name is Colin Temple. I am a human animal living in Ottawa, Canada, a city of roughly a million people. I like to make things, ranging from art and photography to software and educational tools.

This site features some of the things I made, and I add to it when I want to share.

I currently work as a product leader in the digital analytics space at a small company here in Ottawa. I have a background in academic philosophy and logic, but I have worked in industry for nearly two decades. I live with my family in a little house here in Canada's capital city.

Curriculum Vitae

Work Experience

Napkyn Analytics
Digital analytics agency
Multiple roles (2010 - Present)
Vice President of Product (since April 2019)
Director of Analytics Solutions (April 2017 - March 2019)
Product Manager and Development Team Lead (April 2013 - March 2017)
Senior Analyst (October 2010 - April 2013)

XAdvance Web Technologies
Digital marketing technology consultancy
Founder, Web Marketer (October 2003 - October 2010)

Web personalization software company
Web Marketing Specialist (June 2007 - September 2007)

N-able Technologies
MSP channel-oriented networking software company
Acquired and now operating as part of Solarwinds
Webmaster (February 2001 - June 2007)


University of Western Ontario
Master of Arts, Philosophy
Completed August 2013

University of Ottawa
Honours Bachelor of Arts with a specialization in Philosophy
Completed May 2012, graduated magna cum laude

Industry Learning and Certifications

Professional Data Engineer
Google Cloud certification
Earned March 2020 - Expires March 2022

Google Analytics Individual Qualification
Held multiple times, last earned March 2020 - Expires March 2021

Executive Data Science Specialization
Coursera Specialization from Johns Hopkins University
Earned January 2017

Teaching Experience

University of Ottawa
Teaching Assistant, Fall 2016, Reasoning and Critical Thinking

University of Western Ontario
Teaching Assistant and Guest Lecturer, 2012-2013, Logic

University of Ottawa
Teaching Assistant, Fall 2011, Logic I


Data Analysis
Digital analytics technologies, including tag management, visualization and major analytics software platforms
Digital channel analysis, including analyzing behavioural data in the context of business goals and outcomes
Analysis methods, including statistics, machine learning and experimentation

Software Development
Programming and scripting with Kotlin, Java, JavaScript, Python and PHP
Infrastructure and DevOps including microservices and continuous integration/delivery deployments
Data structures and querying in relational databases, non-relational/NoSQL datastores, and unstructured data files

People Leadership
Teaching technical skills and critical thinking
Mentoring and encouraging career growth
Connecting people with disparate concerns and encouraging common goals
Fostering psychological safety in collaboration among teams

Product Management
Market research, including competitive analysis and identifying product-market fit
UX research, including interviewing customers and user data analysis

Delivering customer-facing product demos and training (pre- and post-sales)
Writing, including copywriting, technical documentation and academic writing