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Colin Temple Photographs

My name is Colin, and I am a person who has eyes, a brain and a camera.

So, here's what happens.

First, some light source emits photons, and those photons bounce off of matter in the world. Some of those photons enter my eyes, and information related to their arrangement is sent to my brain. In my brain, I develop some interpretation of what I am seeing.

From time to time, that interpretation will create physiological responses -- feelings. It may also cause me to obtain new ideas. When either happens, and I have a camera at hand, I will try to capture some of the photons that are being reflected towards me with it.

This allows me to record information about their arrangement in a way that allows me to then create objects or representations of that arrangement that will cause similar arrangements to enter the eyes of others.

It is my hope, typically, that similar ideas or feelings will be inspired within them, or at least, that they will have an experience that is worthwhile.

When afforded the time, I set out on expeditions specifically to find animals and objects that will reflect photons towards me in interesting patterns.

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